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How can I display a "loading" icon while API connector is getting the data?

Hi, I’m using API connector to get data and produce a graph on my page. Sometimes, due to the external backend being slow, the page will load and it’ll take 5-10 seconds for the graph to display. I want to put a conditional loading bar that disappears once the graph is displayed. How would I do this?

How I do things like this is as follows:

(You need a popup and an input field for this)

  • On the button/page load that activates the GET Data, set a workflow ‘Show Popup’ as the first step.

  • Add an input field somewhere on your page. This can be a 1 by 1 px input. Then disable the input and set the initial value to some value that the GET Data API returns.

  • Create a new workflow. For example, a ‘Do when condition is true’, set it to ‘Every Time’. And set the ‘Only when’ to Input A’s value is not empty. And as the first step you 'Hide the popup’ that was opened in the beginning.

If your users need to call your GET Data multiple times, without any page load, make sure you reset the Input A’s value somewhere.

Good luck! :slight_smile: