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How can I make my app non-responsive?

Hi there,

I am basically finished with building my app for desktop at 1200 px. The main work area is a one-page, multiple group app.

I have made two other internal pages (workspaces & settings), and the rest are external (landing page, help centre, privacy policy/terms of use, etc.) I’ve made all of these responsive.

For the main work area page, I have made the heading responsive but do not want to make the central section responsive as it would reduce functionality too much.

What I would like to do is keep all the content fixed and allow horizontal scrolling. I’ve tried setting 99% min width but it doesn’t seem to work, it just keeps shrinking the content. This may be because of overlapping hidden groups?

I’ve also tried setting min-width and overflow-x using CSS but when on mobile and zoomed out, the header and sidebars look funky and don’t extend the screen anymore.

What would be the best way to go about making the central content (right of sidebar, and south of header) static/fixed (99% min width) and scrollable horizontally?

Here’s what the work area page of the app that I want to make non-responsive looks like. Let me know what other details you’d like?

And here it is when it gets smaller and gets responsive. I’d like to keep it at a minimum size of 1200px and scrollable.

Thank you!

Can you tick ‘fixed width’ on the page element?

Thanks for your reply - it also doesn’t work, but also I still want to expand it beyond its editor width for bigger monitors.

I suppose if minimum width worked I could apply a max width, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Could it be that I have overlapping hidden groups?

responsiveness is hard to comment on without getting your hands dirty in the editor and seeing how everything is set up…it can be really fiddly and also very touchy! Sometimes the smallest setting makes a huge difference!

to be honest I’ve never tried to make something NOT responsive :sweat_smile: