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How can I make the star rating smaller

Are there any shortcuts to making the star rating plugin stars much smaller? Even the XS stars, which I’m using are gigantic!

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Unfortunately no, I don’t think the starrating plugins let’s you go smaller than we go now.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I’m a product manager for a tech company so I know what it’s like to deal with customer suggestions. I know you guys probably have thousands of things on your backlog, but if this one takes 30 minutes to finish please do it. It would help out a lot. :slight_smile:

Well as I said with the current plugin we use its just not possible…

@edgar - luckily with Bubble it’s easy to make your own! In fact, I just did that and posted it to our widgets site, see below:


Hey @edgar - This sounds great, could you help direct me to the exact place of the ratings plugin? Many thanks

I couldn’t find it either