How can I optimize a search capacity-wise?

How can I optimize a search in order to save in CPU usage from the server? Let’s say that I have 10.000 food orders, then I want to bring only the ones made in January and from customer X. Will the search run onto (read) the 10.000 orders (things) and be slow for having ran on all orders, even if it will return only 100 orders (things)? Or will the app run smoothly because it is returning only 100 things, even if it had to read 10.000 things so it could determine which ones to return?

Thank you friends in advance! :smile:

Think of it as a sieve…

Try to get rid of the big lumps first. So in this case you want to filter out the 9,900 orders that are not for this customer as early and quickly as possible.

You can do that by having a list of orders on the customer. Then the database knows exactly what 100 things to go and look at first to see if it was in January.

What you don’t want to do, is search each and every one of the 10,000 orders looking for January, and then take that and search through all the customers to see if this is for the customer you want.

List > Search Constraint > Filter > Advanced Filter

Try to get as much done towards the left of that as possible.


Hope you don’t mind the late response, but thank you! I really had no clue on this, but I had suffered a lot by making excel sheets work with a lot of data, that’s why I didn’t wanted to make the same mistake again.
Also, how do you know that?

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