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How can I use "OR" condition?

I am using “Search for” for data sources. There we can choose data using various conditions.
I understand how to use “AND” conditions, but I do not know how to use “OR” conditions. Could you tell me?

What would like to do is choosing stores which address is in a state which is chosen by a drop box OR which address is within 300 miles of the center of the state.

Since this is a data source, you should actually use the “merged with” option, so that both lists of stores (with their independent filters) show up together. So you’d want,

Do a search for stores filtered by address in the chosen state merged with do a search for stores filtered by address distance from chosen state. It will combine both lists and will only show stores that are in both once.


Yep that’s the way to do it :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will try that.