How can the app dynamicaly choose a field to show

Hey guys! I’ve been struggling with this and didn’t find a pratical way to solve.

Imagine you’re showing a Text element wich the content come from multiline input.

And I wanna the user create keywords in his text written in the multiline input and tell the app wich thing’s field he wish the Text element change for each keyword.

For instance:

In the multiline he’ll write “My name is <–user_name–>”
In the map he will set "<–user_name–> = “”
Then the text print “My name is John Doe”. (where in this case, John Doe is the user’s name)

Couldn’t find any way to access thing’s metadata or kind of.

Can someone give any tips for that?

If I understand your question correctly, then @Jici has a plugin that solves this. (If you want the user to set up dynamic variables themselves)

If you want your users only to be able to choose from a list of variables you created beforehand. You can just use the :find and replace operator. Where for example <-userName-> chances into “current user’s userName”

Thanks for the tip, @oliviercoolen.

I’ll get in touch with @jici and ask abou the plugin.

What I want is exactly turn the users able to create their own list of variables and let they choose wich field should be printed in the variable’s place.