How create page navigation with Bubble API?

Happy New Year!)

I want create my first project on bubble for web version and create mobile agent on Flutter for this project.

I need create API in Bubble for get data in Flutter, but i read documentation and can’t understand, how i can create page pagination.
I need get first 6 items, then get another 6 items and etc, or infinite scroll in app.

Maybe who know, how create it?

Thank you!)

Hi @Kirill, happy new year too! :slight_smile:

Imo, if you design your web app with Bubble, you can use a free “wrapper” instead of Flutter, and have your development in one place. You have the choice of multiple pages or multiple groups to make navigation. Take time to study, it’s the key.

10 min. to create a native app with Bubble

And to access data, the reference :sweat_smile:
Search call pagination

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Wow!!! I love you man!!!)))) THANK YOU!!!)))))))) I read documentation, but did not see it!))) I need more sleep!)))

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