How do I Add Data to a Specific Index of a Custom State List

Hi Everyone!


  • I have a form that holds a repeating group
  • The repeating group shows specific data present in the data base. In this case, it is a list of requirements for a job listing.
  • For every requirement, there is a cell in the repeating group where that requirement is written.
  • I have added a dropdown to the repeating group. The drop-down contains three possible answers (“Fulfilled”, “Partially fulfilled”, “Not fulfilled”).

Desired outcome:

  • I would like the user to be able to chose one option from the dropdown per requirement.
  • When the user clicks “Hand-in Application”, I want a list of responses from the drop-down to be saved in the data base (eg: for a list of 5 requirements: “Fulfilled, Fulfilled, Fulfilled, Not fulfilled, Partially fulfilled”).
  • Note: It is important that the saved data in the list is in the correct order and corresponds to the index of the repeating group.

I have created a custom state on the form. I have also created a workflow that says whenever the value of the dropdown is changed, we set the state and :plus the item to the custom state. However, the :plus operator adds the changed dropdown-value to the end of the list and does not add it if it is already present. So, this operator will not do it.

Can somebody help me on how I can return a list in the custom state as stated above?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

There are plugins available that can help with this. Some are paid, like List Shifter, while others may be free (not sure of which)…take a look at the plugin marketplace.

Thank you for your reply! Is there a guide or a video that explains how something like that could be achieved with List Shifter?

Search list shifter on the forum. The showcase thread has lots of video and explanations from the developer