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How do I bring in a JSON range to a table on my app?

Heyo everyone! :wave:

So I’m building an EMI amortization app on Bubble and have an API fetching the table as JSON arrays.

What I want to do: I want to show the JSON response as a table on my app (and then eventually build stacked bar charts)
What I have so far: I have installed the readJSON plug in that is basically able to read my JSON responses as human readable content. However, was only able to show the single objects JSON as text.
Question: Anybody know how to show my JSON arrays as table? I tried the Excel-like HandsonTable plug in, but cannot figure it out!

Please ping me if you can help, greatly appreciated!

p.s. can’t wait to showoff this app - looking killer already!

Thank you so much!

Sadhana (

change your repeating group type of content to text and then get your data however you get your data?

Hey @doug.burden - what do you mean by “repeating group type to text”?


Ah yes! So my problem is how to get the data from my public API?

Can you access data from this?

Ah yes! I ended up just creating the API call again. Any chance you’d know how to set my API to be dynamic using <>?

Yea, on the value of the data just put “<my_variable>”


“HomeLoanAmount”: <HomeLoanAmount>

How about the key value pairs?

Yes and make sure you untic Private


Thanks so much!