How do I capture data from a button click?

I have an on boarding flow that is a combination of input fields and buttons. I cant figure out how to capture the data from the user pushing a specific button for example: Button 1 Button 2 Button 3. Each will have a different meaning. If 1 is pressed how do I I save that data for reference later like I do with an input field? Thanks!

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Create a new data-type in the database
  2. Create a new field under that data-type you just created
  3. Double-click on the button to open it’s properties panel
  4. Press the “Start/edit workflow” button in the properties editor, the “workflow” page will open
  5. Press the “click here to add action” button. (not the “click here to ad event” button).
  6. Hover over “data” then click “create new thing
  7. Make the “type of thing” whatever you created in step 1
  8. Click the “+set another field” button
  9. Where it says “click here”, put the field you created in step 2
  10. Click the empty space next to the “=” sign
  11. Press the blue “insert dynamic data” button that pops up on the left
  12. Select the input element that you want it to get its data from

You should leave the post there so future people can see the solution.

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I thought I had something to add but it would have caused confusion. So im not seeing the dynamic data pop up from step 11…

Make sure you press the empty space next to the equals sign first (step 10)

Actually, from that list - find your input text element that you want to get the data from.
you should already have created it next to the button when you made the button

Right so what im trying to do is store the action of a button (no text filled) kinda o like a check box. So therby the user pressing a button they have made a selection. Then i can reference that selection later.

So in this case im asking the user what level of fitness they are… then the press the button and hit submit.

Thanks again!

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You need to do a latching button.
Follow the instructions at the following link to learn how to do one…

Same here. Did you figure figure out how this can be done?

I think they did back in 2016.

haha I just realized this is from 2016.