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How do I create headings that stay aligned with the repeating group columns?

Hi everyone,

Really basic question here but I’m stuck and can’t seem to find this in the help. If I create a repeating list, how do I create text headings for the columns but have them stick to the actual column, so that when I resize etc they stay aligned? Here’s what I mean, this is in the editor:

Account Name and Billing Address are lined up properly. But when I preview I get this:

Trying to figure out how to keep the headings in line with the text on each column but wasn’t sure what I’m doing wrong!

The trick I always do is to bake the header into the repeating group cell, but hide it if the current cell is not the first cell

Thanks that seems to work! Bit clunky but serves the purpose. :slight_smile:

Hey @lmoreau

Welcome to Bubble!

Another option is to match the settings of your header group, to that of the rg.

For example,

a repeating group:

And the header group:

And the column 1 header:

And column 1 value:

Just make sure everything matches up (ie. fixed width, responsive, width, x coordinates, etc.) both from header group to repeating group, but then also the column headers with the rg values.

You end up with this:

The method from @andrewgassen is legit as well…just another option to help you meet your exact needs.

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Ken Truesdale


@mebeingken is correct.

This is for sure the easiest way to do this, highly recommend.

PS As a hack, if you have icons in your repeating group—but not in your header—you can re-create them in the header and then hide them using Conditionals like When this icon is visible and then changing the icon color to match the background (e.e. #FFFFFF)

H ow do you make this work with the new engine?