How Do I Database a Value from API Request / Response


I am trying to database the dynamic value from an API request that I am sending through to OpenAI. I would also like to database the answers.

Username :
Password : test

The end game here is to create a repeating group with the most recent questions / answers from the User.

Please help me understand the best workflow to grab this data and store it for usage across my application.

If anyone can tell me how to provide an editor link so that you can see the details I would be more than happy to share.



You can store both prompt (questions) and responses (answers) in your database by easily creating workflow action step.

When ask button is clicked > Call the api (you have already done this) > Create a new thing (assume you have a database “questions”), field “question” = Input Search for Information’s value. field “answer” = result of 1st step’s value (e.g. response’s value)

*Note: Your api call in the connector must be set up as “Use as” “action” to get it in the workflow.

Repeating Group:
Data Type Questions, Data Source > Do a search for Questions (use constraints: created by = current user

Then use text element for example to show the questions and answers. (Current cell’s question), and another for current cell’s answers.

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Thanks for all the help. I got it working pretty good now. I

For some reason I was unable to grab the value of the first step but found a work around by getting the first item: text


Please take a look if you have a moment as you were the help I needed to make it work properly.

Any advice on how I can grab the value of the answer or if it even matters at this point because it is working would be great.



I think you have set it up correctly as you said it is working.

Note: Answers can be a list of answers. So in your database set the the field type as list if you think it could a be list.