How do I display maps with scaled markers?

I have an API call that returns a list of zip codes in a state with weighted values. I have it working where the Maps element shows a list of markers and I customized the marker.

Having trouble figuring out a good method to draw the maps with markers that are larger based on the weighting. I have found some similar examples in heat maps, but the client specs have markers and want them to scale up based on size.

Any suggestions or tips on what to look at here?

So the maps plugin makes them all the same size however you can get around it by having empty space around the icons you want to be smaller you can do this in figma

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That makes sense, I tried making various size images, say 10x10 and 20x20 but it didn’t display right. Did not think of using same size and changing the empty space as suggested, thank you.

Going to take a look at how I might do that. I had found a way to do that through the mapbox plugin. That might send me back in that direction.

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