How do I remove HTML Tags from API Response


I am currently receiving dynamic data back as a description through the API Connector and the description text is showing with HTML tags all over the place.

I’d like to remove them somehow using RegEx or some other way with Bubble.

Can someone please help me understand the step by step workflow in Bubble.



I was able to easily fix some of the issues by loading the response data from the API into an HTML Box but for some reason signs like these are coming up still ¢Â   Â

This is actually the suggested RegEx pattern to remove them according to ChatGPT.

RegEx Pattern to remove them /•   Â/g

I am still trying to figure out how to get the extractwithregex feature to pop up in my editor. Anyone know how I can implement the RegEx pattern against the API response dynamic HTML text data that is loading.

Any guidance would be great.



Do a :find&replace with a regex pattern and keep the ‘replace with’ field blank to get rid of them.

This might help: Using This RegEx Tool to Match HTML Tags | Octoparse

Ok. Yes. I’ve seen that and was trying to populate it in bubble but had no luck on the original API response from html element.

Do I just do it on a blank text box or group and then load the dynamic data in from HTML elements and then it’ll allow find replace / regex ?

Thanks for the help.


You should be able to do it that way. You could apply it while loading the dynamic data from the HTML elements as well, depending on how you’re going about it.

It seems like it would be ideal to do the regex as the data is loading directly from the API into the HTML element.

Any idea how I can manipulate the incoming data with regex ?

Please let me know the steps if possible. Do you need to see anything in Bubble from me like the data flows of the elements ?

Thank You,


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Nice question!


I am wondering when text is saved with html characters in the bubble database, how they are read by the SEO, it if the characters will appear anywhere else than though the plugin in the front-end as stylized text only? Or how they are shown here in the front end example of @Jibbystyle? How do I remove HTML Tags from API Response


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