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How do i show user with member

I need some help to show users with Yes in a repeated group

let say theres two groups users and member i need to only show members in a repeating group but at the moment i get all users is there a way to fix this.

Help us understand, how do you define a member?

Generally speaking, you might want to look into the :filtered and :intersect_with list operations.

If the difference between a member and a general user is a “Yes” on a yes/no field, simply do a search for all users and add that field as a constraint:

thanks for you reply I’ve set it up like that but it still seem like it doesn’t want to work.

If you can re-create it in the forum app (see sticky at the top) then it might be easier to help.

okay I’ve fixed the problem i had when page loads search for user
and then on the repeating group i had search for user filleted

so it was running the first command e.g. when page loads hahaha

my bad thanks everyone for your help