How do you add the "zero byte 0x00" to a text field?

How do you add the “zero byte 0x00” to a text field? Need to concatenate a string with a hex zero-byte character 0x00 as a delimiter between the data fields. So for instance, for a full name it would be FIRST*LAST where * is replaced with this zero-byte character. Any ideas? Been suffering with this all day. TIA!

Found a post similar - wanted to add a null to the front of a string… suspect the same can be used in the middle.

Convert numeric to text formatted with leading zero

Did not double check if this is a char 0 or a null? Just a quick scan.

Thx much for finding it. Unfortunately, this is just to add a literal 0. Different than my issue.

Your welcome; If you want to use JS code and the toolbox plugin it it is rather easy to do. You can take the first part of the string + append + JS code such as String.fromCharCode(0) + append + the last part.

Not a “no code” solution but should do the trick. I could not find any way in Bubble since null (0) is typically a string terminator and not normally inside a string.

that darn zero byte which was a very easy fix after burning 2 days on it! Toolbox expression \0

Awesome… thanks for the info. Don’t you just love when things are so simple. Sometimes it takes some time to get to the solution but it always feels so rewarding when you crack it. Nice job!
Have a great day.

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