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How do you plot data in bubble

how do i plot data in bubble. like a graph or chart?

  • Open the “plugins” tab on the left and then choose “Add plugin”.
  • Type “chart” into the filter panel search box to show the chart plugin element.
  • Select the "install’ button next to the chart plugin.
  • Press “done” at the bottom.
  • In the “design” tab, you will now see a chart element called “Line/bar chart” which you can use in your project.

got it! thank you

No worries.

one more related question:
I am getting my data from a URL using GET
I want to plot this data
How do I add this to the bar chart data source? I see GET from home URL but not other URLs

I’ve never attempted that, so I’m not sure how to do it.
Could someone else please help with that question.

It sounds like what you need here is the API connector. Add the GET call and if the data structure works well with the chart element youll be able to display the chart.