How does "Creating an account for someone else" work?

How can I create an account for someone else and sending her a “validate your account” email?

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Using this action will create a user with the password that you defined. it’s very much like the sign up action, except that the user won’t be logged in after the action. You’ll be able to refer to this user in a subsequent action of the workflow if needed.

To have such a user reset the password, you just need to send a reset password email. There isn’t really the option to have them validate their email, because if you send them a reset password email, you’ll know the email is validated…

What controls if the Password is setable on this action ?

All I get is “Email”. I can then add other custom fields with “Change Another Value”. But I don’t see Password ?

Are you talking about this action? there is a field password there

Yes, that is the one. But no “Password”.

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Sorry my bad. We don’t let you set a password there (but users will be prompted to set one when they try to log in). but you can use the set temporary password as the next action to have a password.


Thanks, but I can’t seem to set a temporary password using that action.

But it sounds like maybe I don’t need to ? If the user is set to temporary, then I can redirect to the reset password page ?

And then either log them in, or go to the login page ?


I’m also struggling with creating an account for someone else. I would like to use the reset password function to have the user set their own account password but can’t get it to send an email. I create the workflow as shown in demo video but never receive an email. Any tips?

Which action are you using? And which video?

I created a form with an input field called User’s Email for an admin user to type the email address of the new user they wish to create. I then created a Save Button. When Save Button is clicked it triggers the following workflow:

  • Create an account for someone else
  • Email: Input User’s Email’s Value
  • Send Password Reset Email
  • Email to reset: Input User’s Email’s Value
  • Reset relevant inputs

When I run the debugger, I do see that a new record with that User’s Email is added to the database, but no Reset Password email is received.

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Can you reproduce what you have done on this app It’d be easier for us to help.

Interested in getting this to work as well. I couldn’t work out what the correct process for setting up an account for someone and having them set a password was.

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If one of you can put that on the forum app that’d be great, easier to help

I went ahead and put a simple example with workflow on the forum app. Thanks!

There was a bug on our end, pushing a fix now.

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Thank you!

I tried it again and have confirmed that it’s working now.

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How are users prompted to set one when they try to log in? I am setting up users in an action, and would like to have them have the option to set up their password when they visit the app.

You can redirect users to a page when the password isn’t confirmed (in the settings panel), and when a user is being created by a third user, the password isn’t confirmed, so that should happen automatically,

I still seem to be doing something wrong here…

I’ve created a page where I (= admin) can sign up users with their name and email address. As someone already mentioned above, there’s no way for me to set a password at this stage. That’s why I used the action called ‘assign a temporary password to a user’ but I don’t know where to get this temporary password from. Where would I find it?

Then I want to manually send the newly created user a message with a link to the website where they will be able to set their own password and log in. How would I do this?

PS: I already set a page for users to be redirected to when their password isn’t confirmed. But as far as I understand that only works if there’s already a password set for them.

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