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How, if possible, could you have an expandable list view?

The definition of expandable list view is simple: just being able to expand the height of a row in a repeatable group, dynamically when state is changed, in order to display more content.
For now the number of rows and the height of each row seems pretty much static and predefined.

Is there a way to implement anything similar with current features of bubble or should we visit the features lab and request it?

More info on a simple expandable list view provided by android platform can be found here:
(we are only looking for basic functionality)

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If you pick “full list” as a layout that should do what you’re talking about. Then if the text/image elements inside the cell are set to stretch to fit content, the height of the cells will adjust automatically.

Yes thank you we have seen how the full list behaves: The repeating group fills the columns and then goes to the next row and fills the columns from left to right but the entire thing becomes longer and longer pushing everything down.

This wouldn’t work for our case because the list is too long in some cases and we would prefer having an infinite scrolling kind of list.

In other words we would like to have an scrollable list which is also expandable. Let us know if this is a feature request

By the way we noticed that when setting type of list as infinite list we do NOT get more than one columns which is strange. Anyway before getting into a new forum question is it possible to provide some concrete help section referring to the three different types of lists and how they are used? Thank you

Yes, that’s a feature request. We do have infinite scrolling, but it’s within the element. Would that do it for you? If the list is large enough on the page, I feel like it’s quite close to what you’re describing.

So the way it works is:

  1. fixed number of cells: we only show X entries, and you use show next/previous actions to navigate.
  2. infinite scroll: we add cells the user scrolls down, but it doesn’t push the elements below it. Instead, the users keeps scrolling.
  3. Full list: we just draw as many cells as needed. As you’re saying, this is not a good approach when the list is too long.

In the three cases, the cells are still expandable if the content inside them is set to stretch to fit.

Thanks for explaining in detail.
Our suggest is to put this in a help icon near the toolbox or any other way you wish in order for this explanation, of the types of lists, is accessible from within the editor.
Appreciate it.

Yes, we’re working on this right now. A full reference.

We just pushed the reference. now if you hover an option, you’ll have a button that will take you to a detailed explanation. Everything is documented!


Hello, I am looking for a way to dynamically resize the Cells height in the Repeating Group and was not successful. The cell has a Text, Image and Video. All 3 are optional and I want to resize the cell dynamically based on the content.Please advice if this is doable. Thanks!

That happens automatically if you make the text element ‘stretch to fit content’

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