How many people are using Bubble to design their website along with their app?

I’ve been using Bubble now for about 6 months and have to say I really love it for this big app project that we’ve been working on.

As we get closer to going live with it, we were wondering if we should just use Bubble to re-design our current site so that it all works together on one platform vs. hosting the site elsewhere and somehow linking to our Bubble app from it.

So my question is how many people are using Bubble for both their site, and their app? Any concerns or comments about your experience with that setup?


I use Bubble for everything and don’t see the need to separate “site and app”. IMHO this makes things unnecessarily complicated as Bubble does both. In fact, I would take this one step further and challenge the logic of considering the site and the app as separate entities. Why not just view them as one?


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