How much traffic can a landing page built on Bubble handle?


Just built a landing page on Bubble and I’m now worried about how slow it will be with 50 - 100 simultaneous visitors.

Anyone have insight as to how much traffic a Bubble app on a Personal plan can handle if it’s just a landing page without many workflows or anything, just navigation buttons?



This answer really depends on what plan you have selected even though I believe even a free plan would be able to handle 100 visitors on a landing page especially if it has limited work flows. For further clarification on this check out this information from Bubbles FAQ

What happens when I go viral?

Bubble handles scaling your app automatically behind the scenes. You can purchase additional server capacity with a single click, with no need to worry about provisioning servers or databases in advance. Our shared infrastructure is designed to dynamically allocate resources as needed to support web-scale applications, and we also offer dedicated hosting solutions for apps with custom requirements.

There are no hard limits on the number of users, volume of traffic, or amount of data you want to store. We support your growth from baby MVP to grown-up internet-wide phenomenon.


As mentioned, I’m on the personal plan currently. Anyone found any issues with traffic on this plan for a simple landing page?

I have an app on the personal (legacy) plan, which is essentially a marketing website (with no workflow runs). I’m not getting 100 concurrent page views, but the data below might help.

If I look at large timeframes it seems to handle the traffic without any problem.

7-day view:

Going down to the smallest available timeframe, it looks like a rule a thumb would be 1 page view = 0.5 to 2.0% of capacity.

1-hour view:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


So what would happen if you are on a Free or Personal plan, and you unexpectedly go viral - i.e. someone submits your app to ProductHunt or Hacker News? Would you hit some limit then it falls over? It seems the “Bubble handles your scaling” thing works if your scaling is steady and anticipated - not including occasional spikes.

Good landing is really important, I don’t see many good ones out there, really.

Super helpful! Thank you. It does worry me that with 14 page views in a minute CPU usage was already at almost 30% but hopefully the page won’t be too slow!

It will slow down, and workflows will begin to fail - in my experience. Supposedly they say they watch for this and will help offset sudden spikes like this but I don’t know if that really happens.

looking for more results or experience regarding this topic…