How NOT to prevent group collapse

I have 4 groups (pictured below). when group 3 is clicked group 4 collapses/hides. I want all groups duplicated on the same page (ie parent group 1), then show the relavant parent groups with the tabs on top. All this could work with the exception of when I add any more groups to this page the collapsing of height on group 3 is prevented. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

I should clarify that group actually still collapses, but after hidden the height is still represented on the page pushing down the elements below the entire group when I need them up towards the top.

What workflow method are you using to expand and collapse these groups?

Like so: When the menu item (group 3) is clicked, hide group 4 (group 4 properties are set to collapse on hide).

And then a separate workflow for the reverse, or showing group 4.

Are all the group 4s hidden by default?

actually, the group 4 is set to “visible on page load” in the properties editor.
But then I collapse it with a workflow on page load. Kind of dumb but I guess I was just showing that the data is there to the end user. I’m not tied to that though.

So what I ended up doing to work around this:
Ultimately the issue was that buttons underneath group 1 were getting shoved all the way to the bottom of the page even when the other groups were collapsed. To solve for that I just moved those buttons inside group 4 then when I duplicate all 4 groups I just have to make sure the buttons are in identical locations so you can tell when one is hidden and the other shown you don’t notice the transition.
The only downside is I can’t animate the transitions and the number of workflows I have to create are multiplied.

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