How Setup This API Call? --data-urlencode | QENCODE transcoding

I’m trying to import this API call to bubble but it’s not working at all. I’m running it fine with post man but in bubble I tried different things but it doesn’t work.

It’s a transcode API post from QENCODE.

I appreciate any feedback on it. Thank you!

What did you do?
you should have in url:[query]
Put all the query text into this parameter

This is what I have on bubble.

Thank you for the super fast reply!

Don’t use body json and instead add ?query=[query]&task_token=yourtasktoken to url. Put the whole query in the parameter.
Also, I don’t see it as a POST request in your screenshot. Any link to doc?

I have no clue how to set that up.

I was able to get to the point of getting the “task_token” but this last post to transcode I was only able to run on Postman.[query]

In query parameter try

{"query": {  
     "source": "",  
     "format": [  
         "output": "mp4",  
         "destination": {  
           "permissions": "public-read"  
     "framerate": "29.97",  
     "keyframe": "25",  
     "size": "360x240",  
     "start_time": 10,  
     "duration": 20,  
     "audio_bitrate": 64 

This is a POST request so that’s fine to keep it as POST

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It’s giving me the following error:
“body”: {
“error”: 14,
“message”: “Please specify Token! \nPlease specify Query! \n”

I’ve created an account and did a test. The first screenshot doesn’t give all correct information VS doc. here’s what you need to do:
Change JSON for body type to RAW
put: task_token=tasktoken&query=_*_query_*_
in the query parameters, add JSON

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Did it work for you? I just tried and it’s giving me the same error.

It Worked! Awesome!!! I forgot to add the Content-type following your last post. It worked like a charm!

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