How to adapt my application to my phone?

Hello bubblers,

I’ve almost complete my API which look very nice when it’s opened via web browsers on my lap-top, but I cannot say the same thing when it’s visualized throuth my phone. For instance, the text elements appear very extended or each letter is transfered on a new line like the example below.

expectetion: ‘My text’
reality: ‘M
Is there any way to configure my App with any mobile divices using bubble. io ?
Additional note: Currently, I’m using Hobby plan. Should I change it first?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey, you need to use the Responsive tab in the Editor. Key things to experiment with:

  • Minimum widths. This will prevent elements being squashed too much like in the example you’ve given
  • Max widths. This will prevent elements becoming too stretched out on big screens.
  • Fixed width. Useful when you don’t want the size of something to change, for example a button

Thank you, for your promp reply. Definitely helps me a lot :wink: