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How to add a list constraint when searching a repeating group?

Hey Bubble Forum :wave:t2:

I have a multidropdown selector on my page which has a list of Accounting Apps. This list comes from a database table and is not filtered in any way:
Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 16.19.57

I also have repeating group which displays a list of Jobs. Each Job has a list of Accounting Apps attached to it. The repeating group searches for Jobs that have certain constraints set by the user:

My goal is for the user to be able to search for a Job that contains at least 1 of the Accounting Apps selected from the multidropdown selector.

At the moment, if I select 1 Accounting App from the multidropdown selector - everything works perfectly.

If I select more than 1 Accounting App from the multidropdown selector - the repeating group shows nothing at all.

In the database, I tried setting Accounting Apps to be a:

  1. List of Texts
  2. List of Accounting Apps

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 16.35.40
Accounting system = List of Texts
TestAccountingSystem = List of Accounting Apps

But no success.

I’m guessing people have faced an issue like this before - does anyone know a way around it?

Here are a couple of forum posts that might help

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Finally got it working! Thank you so much! The Advanced Filter method from the first post helped :slight_smile: