How to add a space between currency and number when formatting a number


I have many input fields formatted as a currency:




But I need a space between the symbol and the number. I know people sometimes suggest to just write the symbol “hardcoded” after the user input - but this does not the job. Either the user can just delete it or it becomes buggy when deleting some numbers. Eitherway this is not an option for me:




That is why I am asking for help here. May be someone has already experienced the same issue and can point me to a direction of help? Maybe a line of Javascript can fix this?

Thank you!

hi @hi_bubble ,

try formatted as currency and in currency prefix hit spacebar and you will be ready to go.
hope it will work.


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Thank you. This actually made it work.

I just noticed that this change actually broke the app for the first two times reloading. When removing the spaces again the page works again. Have you noticed this before. It might be connected to a plugin that has problems with handling the space (in my case it is the classify plugin).

However thank you very much!

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