How to add numbers in a text list created with the "format as a text" feature?

Hello guys!

I created a list of texts from the database using Bubble’s native feature, “format as a text”.
The list has this structure:
Qty / Product / Price
2x Heineken Long Neck Beer 350 ml - R $ 5.90 (ITEM)

1x File with Fries and Crackling - R $ 77.90 (ITEM)
1x Barbecue Sauce - R $ 3.50 (ITEM COMPLEMENT)

I need to extract the quantity (number) to multiply it by the value (currency).

Would you know to tell me if it is possible to do this and if it is possible how to do it?
Thank you very much in advance!

Have you considered having each piece of information as it’s own field in the database for that thing.

I’d create a data type called “product”

In “product” I’d have several fields including (at least) price and item name

Then you can multiply (quantity * price) when adding the product to my checkout basket

Without knowing your exact setup it’s hard to help

Thanks @ jared.gibb!
I’m sending you my publisher’s link so you can check if you’d like. As I speak of Brazil everything is in Portuguese, however, if you have any questions I am available.

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