How to add user like to favourite page


hi everyone,
i want to show a list of favourite user on the my favourite when user click on heart/like icon page automaticly. what should i add on my workfow or my database.

and in the favourite page what type of content i set?

thanks for your attenion

If I understand correctly—I would add a field to your user data type called “favorites” which is a list of users (or whatever the thing they’re favoriting is called).

When the current user presses the like button, add that user (or thing) to the new list you created.

When you want to display the current users favorites, you can simply display that same list in a repeating group.

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thanks @mac2 i get it now and its work already.
by the way if you please i have one more issues but its about collect data transaction user from their card with stripe, do u have any tutorial or something related?

big thanks before

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