How to append data from one data field with two constant values

Hello community,

I have the following challenge I haven’t been able to crack on my own.

I am using multi-series stacked bar chart to get some numbers from my database. All is well but the chart is limited to 4 series. I have a data field part of a data type. In that data field I have 5 possible options. The numbers that I call upon in the chart are calculated based on these 5 options.

For example:

Each number entry always has a a data field containing one (only one) of these colors (for exemplification purposes).

But, because the chart has only 4 series, I need to figure out how to combine two options (for example Orange + Red) into 1 data series in the chart (in the same stacked bar chart, not in a new bar chart next to it), and have it sum all the numbers it finds based on this condition.

How can I do that?
I tried Arbitrary text “Orange” and Arbitrary text “Red” constraints. I tried Search for… :plus item Search for when calling upon the actual data. I can’t get it to sum all the numbers it finds with the data fields having Orange + Red in the database in the same stacked bar data series.

I hope that make sense,

Without see exactly what you want is hard to come up with a solution…


Chart’s Series 4 will be something like Search For products (constraining by color = Yellow) :merged with Search For products (constraining by color = Orange)

Hey ,

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried the ‘merged with’ approach, the problem is it doesn’t add the amounts in the same series and bar, instead it creates a 2nd bar in the same chart with the second data source as a new series.

I ended up taking a new approach - append new data and plot it on the bar chart.