How to attach actions to current users invoices

Currently, on my website when a user subscribes to a plan, they pay a monthly fee. thats it. but each month when they get charged, I want to give the user “points” as this is what they are paying monthly for. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. thankyou for your time, i wish you all the best

Oh, so many ways to do this!

I recommend creating a data type called points(or something similar). When a user’s subscription is renewed monthly, you can add a workflow off the payment confirmation webhook to create a new points record with the number of points they’ve earned as a field and attach that to the user.

From there, you can calculate how many points a user has and have control of editing, deleting, etc.

thats great , thankyou so much!!! At the moment, i have “points” as a field from the user data type, and when they subscribe i change the field to
‘points = current users points + 5’. which works fine. but i dont know how to give the user 5 points every month after whilst they are subscribed ? do you know how i could over come this? and thankyou for your time mac, i really appreciate it !!!

How do your subscriptions work, and what platform are you using? With Stripe, it’s pretty simple to set up webhooks back to your app when subscription payments are made.

When your endpoint is hit with a webhook, you can add a step that looks up the user connected to the webhook and add the points that way.

Also, of course, you can continue the points system as you have it now—a field list of points under the user data type. I recommended creating the points data type and tracking points for a user that way so that you can track more fields (if need be), see when it was created, delete them, etc.