How to auto-pull Repeating Group for Messaging feature to bottom, like iOS Messages?

Hi, I’m making an app with a messaging feature, using a repeating group to display messages from one user to another. This works great until the window runs out of space, then the group displays the first messages at the top, and the user has to scroll to the bottom to see the most recent messages.

I would like to simply add an “auto-pull” that brings the message appearance to the most recent message by default, in the same way that iOS or Android do with their messaging apps. How do I do this?


Have you tried the infinite scroll in repeating group?

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I would sort the repeating group so the most recent displays first.

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Thanks everyone! I put in a workflow to “Scroll to” last item.

You can sort the messages by date created. Then in the ‘descending’ option pick ‘yes’. Is that what you’re looking for?