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How To Build A Product Hunt Clone Without Code - Bubble

If you’re a product maker, you’re more than likely familiar with Product Hunt. The community-based platform is the go-to place for makers looking to share their creations with a community of like-minded people. In fact, our own no-code web app platform Bubble got a big boost after we launched on Product Hunt back in 2015. Product Hunt has also featured this very How to Build series to its audience of creators and builders.

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According to the step “Posting a new product”:

And yet, when we created the database, there is no Launch Date field under the Product data type. So I’m not sure if you forgot to include this field or if maybe you meant to update the date field from workflow step 3?

Also, why can’t I copy/paste any of the text from this article. It would make it so much easier to talk about it here.

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Why is the date stored as text? Why not as a date?

I ask because I am not able to get the Product Launch repeating group to sort correctly.

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If I create a second product on the same date it doesn’t get added to the list of products for that day.
I guess is this way because the code “Products on date ADD Result of Step 2” is executed “Only when Search for Publish dates:count is 0”. I think all of this workflow is not well designed.

Also had the same problems than @nathanlively .

This teaching resources should be just perfect and properly tested.