How to (bulk) update a field on a list of things?


again I have a question where I am really stuck…some advice from the experts would be great.

What would be the best way to update a particular field on a list of things (2000-5000)? More presisely: Lets say I have around 5k products on my webapp and I want to update the price of each product ever 24 hours. I have a file (.csv) which contains the uniqueID of the product and the new price.

I could use the API Workflow for that. But this would mean that I have to run the API Workflow everyday for all the 5k products. That would also consume all Workflows on a Professional after a couple of days.

Is there a smarter way to do this…?

PS: Another way to do this would be to use Blockspring (Read Cell) and read a google sheet. The only problem is, its very slow.

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No answer to this?

Would you be manually uploading the CSV? You could cut down the number of workflows by setting up an Excel template to only include the items where there actually is a price change. Unless you expect every 5k products to change every day.

You could probably set this up as a condition in the workflow as well, and skip the step if the old price and new price is the same.

Also, a dedicated plan would open up the number of workflows.

Bubble pricing changed, and its no more based on the amount of workflows, so you are free to use a more workflow consuming method. I have a similar flow and I use the API Workflow, very similar to what you described.