How To Calculate a Price Discrepancy Expressed As a Percent?

Hello all,

I have a baseline number value, and I’m trying to calculate the difference between the Sold price and the Listed price for a Thing.

Does anyone know how to set this up or store these values so that the calculation can be expressed as a percent (%)?

Hi @JustinC

I’m not sure what you’re asking. From my understanding both Sold Price and Listed Price are fields in the DB right? Which one does the baseline number value represent?
Do you want to display the % value between those two values? Do you want to store the % value in the DB?

What I needed was to ‘Calculate percentage change’ between one price to another.

i.e. the list price or the sale price.

The percentage change can be plus or minus by a % off of the original.

This helped me so maybe it will help someone else -

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