How to capture next login (session?) date when you allow users to stay logged in?

I want to automatically update my users’ agreement to my terms when they’ve changed (after alerting them through an email prior to the change, of course) on their next session. I understand how you might trigger this upon their next login click, but how would you do this if you allow users to stay logged in?

I’m trying to avoid putting an ‘on page load > trigger workflow’ workflow on every page, but this may be the way to go?

Yes, this is the best (if not, the only) way to go.

And as you don’t know the page your users will load first (sometimes, it is not the index), the best thing is to insert the “On Page Load” trigger in some reusable element that you have in all your pages, like the header.

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In the header…good idea! Thanks!

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