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How to change a data type's field from number to text

I just set up the wrong type and I realize it now that my app is quite big and many workflows depend on that data field.

I tried to create a new one and deleting the old one (before I copied my app) but the problem is that I don’t get bug alerts so I cannot localize where this field is used in the workflows,

the data entries are not important btw
please help

In my experience, I’ve had to resort to modifying workflows and visual elements after making changes to a data type in the database (what you mention trying to avoid)… Unless there’s a feature I’ve not yet discovered you’re most likely going to be spending some time refactoring.

Look at it this way: you’ve learned a very important lesson! Take it to heart. My recommendation for the future would be to plan out as much DB-side stuff as possible before building out tons of workflows — meaning, actually understanding how all the pieces fit together and making sure you designate a type ‘number’ or type ‘text’ etc where appropriate.

As for bug reports, you should be seeing all errors in the error panel to the top-right-hand-side of the editor.

You can use the App Search Tool …

It will allow you to search for fields.

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Thanks @NigelG, that was gold, I have to specify that the search doesn’t report when the field is used in searches. But I founded them out by myself. Thanks also @philip but notice that when I erase a field, this is not reported in bug report… just the field disappear from the workflow, try it…


and is very ‘hard’ to debug @emmanuel. There’s a chance to search for - deleted items? it happened when we erase field in our database, thinking that a specific variable isn’t used. It affect the process or some DoSearch operations aftermath. I suggest to create ISSUES instead of hiding text with the mention : - deleted.

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