How to change my Title

How do i change this?

Hi there, @worralldylan7… go to the Settings >> SEO / metatags tab in your editor, and you will see fields to change the title, site name, and description for your app.


They have been changed, and I am on a personal paid plan. Is this not the field your talking about?

You can change them at the page level, too, on the Appearance tab of the properties editor for each page.

they are also changed at page level i do not have a visible name on my page that reflects the name and description its giving me in the search browser

When did you make the changes? It can take time for those changes to be reflected.

before i published to live over 24 hours ago

It can take a lot longer than 24 hours. You can request that Google index your site again using Google Search Console.

I have not requested google to index my site yet i will be working on search console today. Will that have an impact on changes being reflected?

Yes, it could.

Did you republish after making changes?? :crazy_face:

I assumed the answer to that question was yes based on the answer to my question about when the changes were made, but you never know unless you explicitly ask, eh? :wink:

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yes i did

It might take a few hours-- even a day for Google to recrawl your site

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