How to change refresh screen color?

Hi everyone,
I’m building an app with complete black background. When clicking to navigate to pages or refresh it shows white in between. I know this is a mostly aesthetic point, but I’m wondering how to change that so that it stays black when navigating/loading. It’s quite flashy to keep seeing white in between screens.
Can anyone advise how to solve this?

I know this may sound anal but have you set ea page background as Black. Failing that, have you thought about building your app as a single page app using custom states to click between views?This way you incur zero ‘flashy’ blips in-between.

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Thanks man for your help on this one. The pages have all black background, so I think your other suggestion sounds great. Are there any particular drawbacks in using states rather than separate pages? ie performance etc.
Thanks again!

Depends on how data heavy your app is/becomes. Also, bare in mind that on initial page load, a single page app using custom states has to load ‘everything’ whereas a multi-page app only loads when a new page is called. There are pros and cons to each method however 80-90% of my apps are single page with custom state views.

If your on a paid plan, you can use css in your page header which should solve your issue.

     background-color: #000