How to change text background colour and padding

Hi guys!

Does anyone know how to create design like this in a repeating group? (The circled part, where the text have a different background colour and text colour)

My app will be a note taking app so I want to make it that whenever some text are in bold in a repeating group, it will also have the following changes to resemble the one in the design.

  1. Padding = 3px
  2. Background Colour = #D4EAE6
  3. Text Colour = #429EA8

Thanks in advance!

Use the layout settings for padding and use the appearance settings for text color and background color

Thanks for your reply! @boston85719
Just wondering if it is possible to change it when it is a specific word in a paragraph in a repeating group?
Say I have the following content in a repeating group
" The current champions are Real Madrid, who beat Borussia Dortmund 2–0 in the 2024 final."
And I want Real Madrid to be highlighted the way in the picture (3px padding, green background color and dark green text colour). Is it possible to do that? Looks like the RichTextInput allows me to bold/change background color but not altering the padding of specific text.

Thanks again!!

if you know the word, you can use find and replace, find the word, replace with bbcode for your styling options and the word