How to check if list A is different to list B?

I want to run a custom event when list A does not equal list B. For example:

List A:
Unique ID 1
Unique ID 3
Unique ID 5

List B:
Unique ID 1
Unique ID 2
Unique ID 3

The lists can also have different counts.

I can’t figure this out. Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi there, @andrew36… I haven’t tried this yet, but can you do a check to see if a count of the intersect between the lists is the same as the number of items in each list?



Hey Andrew, Try Do a Search for List A's Unique IDs filtered by "This Unique ID is not in List B's Unique IDs"
If the result is not empty means there are items in list A that are not part of List B, hence the list is not same.

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I worked out a simple way to do it, but I’m sure it’s not good practice:

I converted the Unique IDs to numbers and summed them, then compared them.

The numbers added are huge, so I’ll think how to reduce it. Probably by truncating, or using the number of characters of another text fields. I realise with this technique they can theoretically be the same sum when in fact the lists are different, but for my use case I can risk this chance case.

Clever @andrew36 but likely more capacity usage (especially if the dataset grows) then the other suggestions above.

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