How to check login authorization? please help

I’m trying to add Login with Telegram. I am able to embed the login button script, and it ‘works’ however I can’t find/understand how can I receive the reply from telegram.

they support two authorization types: Callback or Redirect to URL (with parameters)

After receiving the answer I need to verify the authentication and the integrity of the data received by comparing the received hash parameter with the hexadecimal representation of the [HMAC-SHA-256] signature of the data-check-string with the SHA256 hash of the bot’s token which is used as a secret key.

I would appreciate any help!

  1. The best way to listen to Telegram’s answer
  2. How to run the function that verifies?

Here’s the reference page about the process:

Hope someone here can help :slight_smile:
Thank you!

:point_up_2: Can anyone please tell if it’s even possible on Bubble (to use telegram login) or am I wasting time trying?