How to close browser tap upon press an elemen

Hi all,

I’m trying to create schenario when an element (e.g. a button) is pressed then the browser tab will close. Can you help how to fo it?

Thanks in advance

I believe that @marcusandrews plugin, URL actions, accomplishes what you’re looking for.

Hi Dan…thanks a lot for quick response…!

I will try it out



I’va installed and use the plugin, put a button and create workflow: plugin/close the tab

I’m not sure if i missed something but in doesn’t work…i can’t find any instruction in more detail for this plug in

is there any specific setting needed…or maybe i missed something?


This plugin triggers a popup asking the user if they want to close the tab. If you have some sort of popup supression, that may cause the plugin not to work correctly.

Hi Dan…tks for the reply…

I’ll check on it…


Hi Dan…I have check it already work for pc browser…

But it doesn’t work for mobile browser.
…i doesn’t response at all…i’ve check in mobile chrome and samsung browser

Any ideo on this

Thks in advance