How to collapse repeating group if empty

Hi all,

I’m having issues collapsing repeating group if there’s not data in it.
I found some older videos where repeating group has to be placed inside a group and then group is collapsed but I can’t find this option anymore when editing the group

Can anyone help me here how can I achieve this?


Add a conditional to check if the list of your RG is empty
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 11.30.59

Or just set its minimum height to 0

Thanks for the help. I managed to did something with this but still the empty place is still there. I want to remove the empty place is this is empty

Layout tab:
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 15.05.25

Is it possible to have this for a group?
I did like this where I selected text which is gotten from the API and then joined into a group.
I’m trying to collapse the whole group but I don’t have this option in the layout

You aren’t seeing the setting to collapse the group because the group’s parent’s container type is fixed. If you change the parent’s container type to something other than fixed, you will see the setting to collapse the group.