How to convert list of array (javascript object) to list of number or text(bubble formet)

HI Bubble builders!

i am making kida random < lotto array generator>
and I used javascript code like that ScreenShots

var keys = [{$RG's list of number}];

function recursive(cross, s, a){

    for( var i=s; i < keys.length; i++ ){
        if( !cross ){
          var b = a.slice(0);
          b.push( keys[i] );
          set.push( b );
    else { 
         recursive(cross-1, i+1, a); 
         a.splice(-1, 1);

var set = [];
recursive(4, 0, []);
console.log( set );

i wonder how can i convert those arrays (console say ‘object’) to list of text (or number) for bubble

Please let me know ~


Search for plugins with the words “JSON” ,“Array”, “List”, “Numbers”. You should find something.

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