How To Convert Text To Speech Via Eleven Labs API

Hey guys, I just created a plugin which lets you convert your text into human speech.

This plugin uses an API from ElevenLabs. Here is the link to plugin: Text to Speech (ElevenLabs) Plugin | Bubble


  1. Go to ElevenLabs
  2. Generate an API key according to your plan
  3. Use the action “Convert Text to Speech” in your Bubble app.
  4. Pass it the text.
  5. Receive your speech as audio format.

Plugin Rights:
The plugin is owned by Chakor, a software development company based in Lahore, Pakistan.


Thanks. I’ve been trying this though not sure why it’s not working for me. Is there a guide or tutorial for this by any chance?

I put in my API key into the Eleven Labs Plugin settings in Bubble, then tested it with a simple workflow that says when you click a button, the Eleven Labs plugin will convert the text ‘the item has been sent’ into speech. But nothing happens.

Hi, the plugin is working as intended. It returns you an audio file which you have to play using some plugin like Howler.

YouTube Tutorial:
Editor Link: Speech Translator Chakor | Bubble Editor

Thank you very much for this tutorial. I’ll have a go and report back if I find any issues. Looks brilliant!


Is there voice cloning in this plugin:) ? I want my user to be able to clone their own voices! Would be so cool!

You can actually, but you’ll need to set it up inside the app itself and create your own. It requires a paid version.

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Hi, Zaeem

I tested this plugin and it was susseful for free. But this plugin needs to upgrad the model from ‘monolingual V1.’ to ‘multilingual V2.’ So that many other multilingual can get the right speech voice.

Otherwise, it sounds like English native is reading Korean text when reading Korean.

My question is

Thanks, anyway