How to count minutes

Can some one assists me I want to create action workflow that will count the minutes/seconds from the time when a record is created in the table.

Not sure to understand your need…

but once a record is created, you can use the interval (in minutes) between current date/time and this record’s creation date to calculate the time since it was created.

Yes but how do I formulate my statement:

Example table below:

I have the INPUT field where ParkingID is inserted and
I then want to count the minutes from the time the record was created in the table till present time when I input say: bay002 into the INPUT field.
Please help me.

If I understand well, you need to specify that at the time you create bay002.

So when the input is modified, you should create a workflow doing a calculation using “Current date time” - “Do a search for Parking sorted chronogically Last item’s creationdate” “formatted as minutes”.

Yes that is correct my bro. Let me try it will let you know soonest

Hi I did try the above formula but it returns only the minutes of Last item’ creation date. But I need to return the minutes of any item that I INPUT its value.

can you send a link to your editor? would be easier to help you

I think what you should do it’s to store the calculation result in an attribute of the thing you create…

Hi bro here is the link :

Inspect GROUP-H,

cannot access to it, you have to make your app public

or do this on the forumapp Open app for forum questions

Ok its public now check it out

Can you explain me more the user flow you want, like this, I don’t really understand what you want to achieve…

First thoughts :

PArking rate : you should do a search for the parkingmeter that dueparkingmeter = the input’s first item (the same way you did for Parking cost price

For parking time spent : you shoud do a search on parkingmeter with a sort on creation date with descending “yes”

But again, I don’t get the user flow you want to design…

and due to your privacy settings, as not logged in, I cannot see the group H in preview…

Here is that Parking Meter No. = Input Type here 'value which is the stored in the table Parking Meter>>DueParkingMeters. When that value is diplsayed I want to also display the “creation time” in minutes under Parking Time Spent>>

Run Preview and go to PAY PARKING button enter any number from table Parking Meter under DueParking Meter and submit then go back to PARKING COST button and view the fields


Try any number from the DueParkingMeter field and wait for submit button to appear

But regarding you creation time : you expression in ‘parking time spent’ is great, but you need to do the search with contraints

Dueparkingmeters = input

the submit button do not appear…

Sorry about I dont know wats up going on but I added the constraint and it works.
But While I have you on this can you look at the Parking Cost Price:
I need to add calculation the minutes from the Parking Time Spent to add Parking Rates>>value (R0.50) 50 cents for every minute and display the amount in the Parking Cost Price

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So in Parking cost price, copy the expression you just create in Parking time spent

and at the end add " * " and recopy the expression you have in Parking rate.

But when you search for tarriff, the same way you did before, add the constraint dueparkingmeter = input’s value