How to create a list of the 25 people who matters in your life?

Hi Everyone,

I am starting a new application and one of the challenge is the following : when a user Sign Up the goal is to create a list of 25 people who matters in his/her life. People that the user knows in real life.

So far, to find the names I am using the Plug-In from Zeroqode for Google Contacts. I am also considering accessing SMS & Contacts from Android and iOS systems. My best bet would be to access the friends list of Messenger but the API is closed (actually you can access the friend lists that are created by the facebook user and not the real friend list).

I am open to any idea even the wildest :slight_smile:


hmmm i dont get the premise of this application.

If you want something relatively easy with clear function to build; try clone:

It will teach some good bubble principles.

Hi Beau,
Thank you for your answer.
I’ll keep looking :).

is your goal to build a business from this idea, have active users, or just to experiment with bubble?

Do you have problem with the interface and experience of asking someone to declare their 25 people on sign up?

Why set an arbitrary number, what if i only have 6 people who matter in my life

To do a business.


25,6,10 does not matter indeed ! It was arbitrary, 25 people who matters in your life sounds like a fair number.

I would like that the user do not need to declare people by himself but to fetch them in third applications and / or service automatically. My dream would be to fetch the top people from your messenger and/or what’s app but it appears impossible to do as Facebook’s APIs are closed to do so.

Ok, as a business it seems a bit redundant.

Even if you could connect to facebook’s api like how you describe, it wont be who matters most, it will be who does the user interact with the most on facebook. very different.

I did a quick focus group for you, im with a group of 4 people now not including myself,
everyone said that this concept is a miss.

You could integrate something like this as an extra feature of another application, but stand alone it wont get much traction.

Ok thank you for this input, I love it -:wink:
It’s not the whole thing, it is one of the feature I need to start the application, when the user sign up.
The end goal is to let people click on their crush (for example) and match only if there is reciprocity.
I also need some help on this part too :slight_smile:

hmm, these types of apps need a lot of users to work.
I think if you want to do something with infatuation & people,
create a tinder type application with unlimited swipes and quirky fun ux.
Like this

Make it for desktop (unlike yubo), revenue from adverts.
There is an application called badoo for desktop but the ux is horrible.

thx !