How to create a randomized image generator with provided images?

Have you ever used a random word or name generator for a story? That’s what I’m trying to create, but with images. How would I do that? I’m a first time bubble user.


First welcome to Bubble! In real code based platforms, they use arrays and other methods with long lists of real words for a “random” generator. These words are never truly random as they have added many common words into a group. The only method I can see for making a “random” image generator would be to add a list of images in a database, and tell the button or page to display a random image from that list. This is necessary to tell bubble where to get these images from. This list could be long, and take up a lot of your free server room. If you are serious about this idea, I would consider upgrading your plan to allow more images in your database. But just start with a list of 4-5 images, and try that. It may seem difficult but the method is easy to achieve and would not require much experience. Please let me know if you need any further assistance or any more questions.


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