How to create a repeating group based on a date rage

Hi bubble community!

I’m trying to create a repeating group to display a subscription from a start date and until an end date.

Basically, I want to show something like (let’s say the subscription starts in Jan 21 and is for X months, here X =6):

January 21 - $10
Februay 21 - $10
March 21 - $10
April 21 - $10
May 21 - $10
June 21 - $10

In terms of data I have Start Date, End Date and Number of Months.

Is that possible?

I’d recommend to use hidden variables and groups instead of a repeating group.
Create a pop up that doesn’t show, add a group within it and name, say, var_start date.
When user land on the page, run Display data in var_start date = Current date and time.

Then create 12 groups on the page (something like this) that have a source = your hidden variable. All groups can be hidden or visible on the page load. You can connect hiding of these 12 groups with a variable on the page (for instance, if a user chooses 6 month length subscription you just add a conditional which groups should be visible in this case, if a user chooses 3 months - you add conditional to show first 3 etc.).

In my experience, it’s the easiest work around with displaying dates without using a calendar

Thank you @agilityinusa

Your solution works well thanks for that. Though, The plans can go up to 72 months so it’s a hard job to create all of them and then do all the workflows. I’m looking at a solution to have this with a repeating group which I’m trying to make work :wink:

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