How to create a 'show more' button as shown


I wanted to create a show more option, but using a icon for the same. The UI is similar to below:

When you click on the arrow, it shows the whole post:

Does anybody know how to create this using bubble?

Yes, can be done quite easily. You need to make sure that the part that’s initially hidden is in its own group (let’s call it group A). That group has the setting “visible on page load” disabled and “reduce height when not visible” enabled". Then you create a workflow for the icon: when it’s clicked, toggle Group A


And you can add a condition on the icon in the editor, when Group A is visible change Icon to Chevron Down.


Thank you so much it worked!! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks…you replied right at time when I was stuck at this point…thanks :slight_smile:

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